About Bedford and Grove

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am the creator behind Bedford and Grove!

I have been a part of the indie nail polish community since 2015. Since then I have swatched for a few indie brands and attended Indie Expo Canada three times as press. It has been my dream for years to create my own indie nail polish brand and finally Bedford and Grove has been born.

I would like to thank Pam Heil from Girly Bits Cosmetics - if it wasn't for your polish making workshop at Indie Expo Canada, I don't know if I would ever have had the courage to experiment with making my own polish.

I would also like to thank Katia Ferreira from DRK Nails - your polish making kits let me experiment with so many different pigments.

Bedford and Grove is named after the street corner on which the exterior shots for Monica and Rachel's apartment were filmed for the TV Show 'Friends'. As a millenial, Friends is one of my favourite TV shows.

Bedford and Grove's collections are inspired by pop culture with our first collection being inspired by 'Friends'.