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My Eyes! My Eyes!

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Poor Phoebe catches Monica and Chandler doing the deed from across the street at Ugly Naked Guy's apartment. Her eyes? Did they ever recover? We'll never know.

This polish may seem like your ordinary, average crelly - but this one is unique, just like Phoebe. Get this one into direct sunlight or under a UV lamp to see what we mean. This crelly base features a slight copper shimmer and orange holo glitters in a variety of sizes. 

We recommend using a glitter top coat for this polish - such as Glitter Glaze by Girly Bits or Glitter Grabber by Glisten and Glow.

*Application Note - because of the heavier glitters in this polish, we recommend putting the bottle upside down for approximately half an hour before application*


Swatches by:

Caitlin @caitlinswatches

Lorraine @loloslacquerednails

Michelle @manicuremanifesto

Candace @lesstalkmorepolish